Mind Over Matter - Manifesting Your Dreams

by adeliajames s (2016-12-31)

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When we choose an intention we are setting what Don Juan Matus calls the "inexplicable forces" into work to bring that into manifestation in our lives. We don't control the inexplicable forces. We simply push the button on this huge machine that chugs and churns out what we wish to manifest, in its own way. So when we choose an intention, we set into motion the wheels that will manifest that intention in whatever way the machine brings it to us. The inexplicable forces set into motion the circumstances and situations in your life to manifest that intent. It may be that people come into your life or leave your life. It may be that the conditions to move or change jobs are set into motion. If your intention is to learn patience, then situations and conditions that will teach you patience will come into your life. You may find yourself waiting, waiting, and waiting in all kinds of situations because you asked to learn patience.

The students in this course have pushed the button on the machine to learn about the powers of the Shaman and the tools of shamanism and so it is. The machine is cranking out the situations and conditions and experiences into your life to let you experience these things. Many of you have now found that you can indeed meet with your guides. Something you never intended before but now you have. You may have found that now you can access your inner senses much more easily because that is your intention now where it was never your intention before. You may find balance and peace in your lives now because you have intended to find balance in your lives, where you never intended this before. Those of you who have an emotional feeling about this course, a desire to learn this, an excitement to have this new experience in your lives are seeing these things become manifest in your lives faster and more beautifully than those students who are just reading the course but not intending to experience this for themselves.


ISSN: 1932-8036