Dating A Rich Cougar - What Are The Benefits

by adeliajames s (2016-12-23)

Shogun Method 

You can see that a man is not a good bet for a healthy relationship, if he constantly has to be creating problems and distance between you.

Think about the long term, if this continues today what about the rest of your lives together? His difficult behavior if not intervened may lead to cheating.

If you're like most women, and you're a great communicator and like to talk and share, then it makes sense that you should have an amazing level of communication going on in your relationships, right? If your man really loves you, he will try communicating without fighting. Just a soft conversation about feelings and about the future of the relationship is enough for a couple to clear the air and reconnect. But if he isn't willing to get in touch with himself, you may have to help him, and it's not always easy.

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