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by premmathan prem (2016-12-20)

When it comes to accessories Rejuven 360 for your off road vehicle, a winch is one of the most important accessories you can buy. If you're a hardcore off roader, no doubt you're going to find yourself in a few sticky situations. An ATV or recovery winch can get you out and back on the trail in no time, so you can spend less time stuck in the mud and more time playing.The number of options available for your first off road winch can be overwhelming, especially if you don't understand the pros and cons of each feature. You want to make sure you get the right winch for your vehicle, or you could end up just as stuck as before. If you're a first-time buyer, there are four basic design options to consider:

The first factor you'll need to consider is rated line pull. If you buy a winch that's too small for your vehicle, you'll have a tough time getting unstuck. If you buy one that's too big, you're going to add excess weight to your front or rear bumper, which can throw your vehicle off balance as well as slow you down.The rated line pull is the maximum amount of force that your winch can handle. You can calculate the minimum rated line pull by multiplying your gross vehicle weight by 1.5 (GVW x 1.5 = minimum rated line pull). Notice that this is only the minimum rating you'll need. Depending on how you use your winch, you may need a higher line pull. For example, if you're a mud hole addict, keep in mind that the suction force of the mud requires a greater pulling force to get you out.

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