Please Remember What's First

by adeliajames s (2016-12-19)

The Lost Ways Review 

A rope is an item that I do not see mentioned in the lower end survival kits that I have observed. I would suggest a nylon clothesline; they come in 50-foot lengths. It is strong, and doubled up, would give you extra strength. Its uses are many, you could use it to build a shelter or use it as a life saving tool.

Another tool is a lightweight tarp, the kind that you see at the hardware stores for just a few dollars. This can be used as shelter, a blanket, or ground cover. If you buy a survival kit and it has a blanket, is will probably be made of paper or plastic. Some of your upper end survival kits do supply tarps and some even tents with tie down cords. For me personally, the supplied kit versions have their place, but I prefer a larger tarp that I can created a tent, with a floor, and can make a shelter for the night and have other uses for it during the day.

Did you ever think of commercial quality heavy-duty trash bags? You can buy from 30 to 100 of them in a small box. They can make an excellent raincoat by making a few holes for your head and arms. Make a sleeping bag out of them. Pull one over your legs, cut a hole through another one, and slip it over your head. Presto, something that keeps body heat in and is waterproof. You can build a container for human waste that you can seal (human waste can be a serious problem, even if you are isolated for a short time). 

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