Signs of Diabetes & Diabetic Symptoms

by sasi sasi sasi sasi (2016-12-19)

French Wine For A Flat Belly

Cooking food destroys some vitamins and essential acids. I'm not saying "go eat raw chicken", but keep in mind that the less cooked your food is, the more nutrition you get out of it. Raw beef, fresh veggies, etc, are all better for you than their cooked counterparts - and cooked food is better for you the less it's cooked. That means that pasteurized milk, almonds, juices, etc. lose a lot of their value.Some foods have estrogen in them that can really screw up your body. Soybeans and flax seed are the big ones - every 100 grams of soy protein you consume is the equivalent of eating a birth control pill! Don't eat soy unless it's fermented first, like in real Chinese-style tofu and tamari soy sauce.Local food is healthier.

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