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Affiliation As the name Luna suggests we feel this is the Best cup which was developed and manufactured for women including the countries of Canada and also U.S.A. It is a marvelous menstrual cup made from 100% safe medical-grade silicone. It has a beautiful cup design that possesses a flat tab stem (that can be shortened), and a firm but subtle rim.
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Which is the best menstrual cup?

You can also find many more best menstrual cup reviews and information from LunaCups and Amazon Knowing this would be the best I looked at other cups and read hundreds of cup reviews. 

Unlike pad and tampon products that absorb your flow, you insert a luna menstrual cup directly into your vagina to hold all the blood, and empty it a couple of times a day. The average women / girl who menstruates can spend between $42 and $75 a year on pads or tampons, and those pads and tampons often turn up in landfills.

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