Men Improve Their Erection Quality

by Gaja Priya Gaja Priya (2017-01-18)

ED Eraser Program  In a recent T.V symposium on sex related issues, one young participant raised the question to the moderator, "Sir, some people say masturbation is not good for health. Please advise me Sir." The presiding officer asserted, "There is no harm associated with masturbation". So saying, he continued listing out some 'advantages' of masturbation and concluded his talk, saying masturbation if done not frequently, would do no harm, but good for health. He concluded saying that masturbation is the best alternative to sex with a partner because no HIV risk is involved. I had strong objections to that theory. I sincerely wish that my objections should not go unheard and hence I am writing this article for the benefit of young men. A brief reference to Homo sex is also made.

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