Communication Gap in a Relationship

by premmathan prem (2017-01-03)

Making a relationship work Secrets Of Flirting With Men involves communication, both talking and listening. In your customer relationships, they should be doing most of the talking and you should be doing most of the listening.Following on from communication, the people in a relationship should be responsive to each other. Relationships don't stand still, so this involves taking action to meet changing needs and circumstances.Relationships need constant nurturing and repair. Once again, as the business owner, you are responsible for making changes in response to what your customers tell you.

For the relationship to work there must be mutual respect and even caring. This means that you should see your customers as people - not as bodies or numbers or as income streams.Along with respect, there must be trust in a relationship. This is trust in each other, sincerity in any interactions and a belief that everyone has each other's best interests at heart. Trust doesn't just happen; you must build and sustain with your promises and commitments. It's worth doing this, as trust translates into customer loyalty and retention.For trust to develop there must be credibility. You must believe that the customers want your services and products. They, in turn, must believe that you are an expert in what you're offering, that you are well-trained and that you have integrity. 

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