How to Control Your Food Cravings

by Mukesh kumar (2016-12-31)

Last time I saw Stela, long after our college graduation, she has not lost much weight, even though she looked good in my opinion (I don't think skin and bones is a very good look, even  Anabolic Cooking though I've been "blessed" with it). I was a little surprised though, that someone with so much knowledge of nutrition would have trouble losing weight. As usual, there was a new diet that Stela was on, and, as usual, she was not seeing the results she wanted.This got me thinking (and later, I've received confirmation from many different people) that maybe it is not so much what you think you should eat, but what your body is telling you it needs.

I notice that when I crave carbs, or sugar, I am usually very tired, either from long dance rehearsals, or from not sleeping enough. Also, I crave peanut butter, or butter, or something else with fats when I have long rehearsals, or teach a lot, or after I work out at the gym. I crave citrus and apples when I am getting sick, and protein when I don't eat enough.I have to warn you that your body craves foods that it is used to. For example, whereas I crave whole grain pasta, or fish, some of my friends say they crave a burger, or a brownie when they are tired. But on the bright side, it is only a matter of making a healthy choice a few times, until your body gets used to the new food.

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