Surviving Infidelity - If You Decide

by dj muthu muthu (2016-12-30)

The moral of the story and in any unlikely emergency situation is this: Be Prepared for anything, anytime.Dakrest Days Review  You wont be sorry you were. At survival supply gear we have much to read, videos to watch and information for you to learn about survival. Think about how important those family members really are and make sure they are safe with the tools and knowledge that someday may not only save their own life but someone else's too.This list of apocalyptic events that may occur in our lifetime are a popular topic throughout the survivalist community. Each apocalypse scenario that is included has a high probability of occurring in the near future. Let us dig into the list.

We are living in a period of history where war is prevalent in many parts of the world. These wars are costing thousands of lives. The Iraq war as of March of 2012 has taken the confirmed lives of over 115,000 civilians alone. That is the amount of people that live in Lansing Michigan, imagine the whole population of Lansing being wiped out by war, every single person that lives there gone. Now with the threats of war between the USA, Korea and Iran the concern for apocalypse survival is even higher. It is widely believed there are an estimated 20,000 active nuclear weapons in the world. It would only take a fraction of those nuclear weapons to destroy most life on earth. 

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