Understanding Hearing Loops and Telecoils

by Mukesh kumar (2016-12-27)

Getting a hearing test for your baby may be frightening. It is difficult to have a baby that you believe is unable to hear. It is important to get your baby the attention needed in order to know  Hearing Loss Protocol Review early on whether your child will be able to hear or not and at what level. The truth can be difficult, but early diagnosis is so important.A hearing test that has been done for years is the ABR. A similar, newer way is the Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR). It too is done during sleep. It measures the response of the auditory nerve, but it is more frequency related. With this test, it will be easier to know what types of sounds your child may or may not hear by frequency.


This ASSR is also a faster hearing test. This is very beneficial for babies because they will not always want to sleep when you desire them to do so. When compared to the ABR, the ASSR also can be turned up louder which helps the tester to know what type of impairment a child has.The downside to this hearing test is that it is difficult with it to differentiate between loss that is mild and what is actually normal. Because of this, a child can be misdiagnosed in either direction. Either way would be negative. A child who receives aids when not necessary will not be a happy camper, and a child who does not get them who needs them will not develop as well as he or she should.

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