I Can Do Anything - Author Carolyn Mattocks

by premmathan prem (2016-12-26)

People's usual reaction to stress Numerologist.com Review is to either "flight" (willing to run away from it) or "fight" (deciding to confront it, as in a struggle where you hope to win). This is because when people are in a state of stress, they use predominantly only one brain hemisphere in trying to find stress relief. If they use the left hemisphere, they apply all of their logical, analytic and even mathematical powers to the problem, but fail to apply their intuition as well to solve it. Reason alone is not enough to solve the problem.

Conversely, when people respond to stress using mainly the right hemisphere, they tend to want to escape and run away from the problem, which is not either a sound solution in objective terms if appropriate action needs to be taken immediately. However, in some cases "taking a break" from the problem might be utterly useful, as when you are in the middle of arguments and disagreements with someone else and you decide to have some quiet time to cool down, instead of getting "worked up" in the course of a discussion, which could in fact make things worse.Obviously, the ideal approach to find stress relief is to apply both hemispheres to solve a given problem, because with logic and intuition together we become truly creative and are in a much better position to find a sound solution to a stressful situation.


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