Guide Dogs For Alzheimer's Patients

by premmathan prem (2016-12-22)

To really understand this, however, we The Amazing You need to look at 3 key areas -- brain development, health and function.DevelopmentOmega fats are regarded as essential in the brain's proper formation and development. This is especially true for DHA, which is part of the foundational material of the brain.Healthy brain cells are produced by having healthy levels of DHA. This is why children who are deficient in omega 3 acid fats endure slow development.

HealthOmega 3 and brain health are linked because omega3 influences neurotransmitters. These are basically messengers (that are chemicals) which help cells to communicate with each other.Therefore a good dose of omega 3 is considered as a real brain boost, as it improves cell function and communication.FunctionDHA make up 30% of the brain. Without them, the brain begins to behave oddly. This is because, instead of using DHA, DHP is used by the brain in its place, but this isn't as efficient.This isn't how the brain should operate, so it begins to behave oddly. This can result in depression, anxiety, mood swings, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and more. 

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